If we go back 25 years ago, our founder, a Belgian lover of the Spanish way of life, of its culture, its people, its joy and especially of those sunny days, had in mind to find a unique, magical property with history and that reflects in many ways that passion for architecture, for unique properties, where you can feel the fulfillment of a dream come true.

After a long time, in which he visited the entire area and, consequently, many properties, he arrived at what is now our headquarters. He found an old house in a semi-dilapidated state, which he saw reformed and adapted for multiple uses, and which he immediately fell in love with when he stepped on its floors, walked its corridors and appreciated its fantastic staircase.

It is an old stately house from the 19th century, completely renovated in 2002 and updated in 2014. Its state of preservation is impeccable, always seeking to maintain the essence and history of the house. It has been listed as Architectural Heritage of the region.

Its location, just a few kilometers from the city of Alicante, Elche and nestled in a quiet and cozy inland town, allowed it to continue with its purpose of offering unique properties to the European market: a sincere way to share its pleasant experience of live in the area with whom you are considering having a holiday home or, like him, make a new life on the Costa Blanca.

Thus, Janssens Partner Real Estate operates on this unique property, but the moment came when its owner decided that we should find a way in which the general public could also enjoy it.

Thus Casa Rural Entre Viñas was born.

A B&B was the solution. It was then that the exciting task of bringing that idea to life began. The adaptation, permits, disclosure and collaborators, among others, allowed us to enhance the already existing tourist values ​​of the area.

His leisure, his joy or his location allowed it to come true. This is why Casa Rural Entre Viñas has become a point of reference in the interior of Alicante. The importance of good service and the magnificent facilities have enhanced its location as a transit point for travelers, a place of stay for those who travel for work or business and an intermediate place for those who want to explore the area.

Since it opened in June 2014, it has opted for quality service reflected in the ratings and comments of our guests, which has led to maintaining from the beginning an average grade of 9.4 certified in 2019 by our Booking.com customers. With a license to operate as a rural house since its inception, it has been classified as a SUPERIOR CATEGORY accommodation and, in November 2015, by unifying the criteria for the classification of lodgings at a national level, it has been classified as a FOUR-STAR establishment.

JANSSENS PARTNER REAL ESTATE and CASA ENTRE VIÑAS share a fantastic building and, although we knew that this would delight anyone who visited it, the expectations have been exceeded.

We see on a daily basis with the names given by the hundreds of people who have passed through the facilities in these years: «majestic manor», «like a medieval castle», «time travel», «peace and tranquility» , “Excellent architecture”, “exceptional historical property” and many more comments that drive us to continue offering the best possible service, both in real estate and in rural houses, in addition to considering future investments to include other business models within the building , such as a restaurant, a pub or some kind of store.

They say that the memories in life become stronger when they are accompanied by an emotion. We are sure that after visiting our facilities you will easily remember us.

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