The first and perhaps the most difficult step to take after deciding to buy a property in Spain is to choose the right company for you.

A company that can help you through the entire process, from the initial search to the move and the installation in your new home.

Next step is to find a property or project that you really like, one that makes you think:

This is how I want my house!

In Janssens Partner Real Estate not only takes care of the details in the search for properties, we try to transmit to the client THE EXPERIENCE of having been able to get the house of their dreams.

According to this, we recommend that if you want to build a house on the Costa Blanca, contact us for a no-obligation advice on your project.

Request information without obligation to

In addition, we have been dedicated to real estate assets since 1995, we dominate the European market with special attention to the market:

•             Dutch

•             English

•             German

•             Spanish

•             French

We have a team of highly qualified professionals We are committed to providing quality service to our clients from minute 1.

Without further ado, we look forward to your project with enthusiasm and professionalism.


Janssens Partner Team

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