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Construction supervision from start to finish with renovations and new construction.

ALICANTE – On what used to be a dry and bare piece of land, a house appears slowly. First the foundation, the walls, the floor tiles and slowly you see your dream villa taking shape under the Spanish sun. But have a house built in another country. How do you do that?

First of all, you do not know the language, you may not be there because of obligations elsewhere, you are unfamiliar with the local legislation with associated building standards and there are so many things involved that it is very sensible to have real professionals throughout the process. accompany. Professionals who know the country, have a lot of experience and can help you get your beautiful, new villa into shape in Spain. In this article we will discuss the role that construction management plays.

Construction Management

First of all, you need construction supervision in the form of a construction manager.

Someone with technical knowledge, expertise and experience who officially represents and guides you as a client on site. He provides support with everything that has to do with bureaucratic procedures (building and other permits), tendering and construction supervision.

He also checks the execution of the works, conducts discussions with the architect, the technical architect and the contractor. He also makes suggestions when choosing the materials and when working out the design. In the meantime, you will be regularly informed of all the ins and outs on the building plot.

Stages in the construction process

The first phase consists of searching and selecting a suitable piece of land in the desired region.

Whether you have set your sights on a plot close to the coast or inland, inhabited or rural areas, the construction manager will guide you through visiting those plots and evaluating them at all necessary points.

Then a legal and urban design investigation must be carried out.

Contracts are drawn up and agreements made for the execution of the construction and the payment thereof for each completed phase.

Documents such as building permits, title deeds, declaration of new construction, certificate of completion of work, declaration of habitability and notarial deeds are arranged and checked by the building management.

The contracts with utility services for water, electricity, etc. must also be signed. Furthermore, the project is worked out with the architect and in consultation with you as a client.

In addition, attention is paid to the layout, concept, design and choice of materials to make your new dream house as close as possible to what you had in mind.

During the construction process, all plans are constantly evaluated through working visits and adjusted if necessary.

The building supervisor provides you with continuous updates on the state of affairs and the quality of the implementation. He regularly discusses all the details in work meetings with the architect, the technical architect, the installers and the various suppliers.

Once the house has been built within the correct timeframe, the building plans will be used to check whether everything has been done in the correct manner and within the correct timeframe.

Payment is only made after the certificates of the work performed are in order.

The costs of construction supervision are calculated per project based on the extent to which supervision per construction phase is required and the entire scope of the project.

You will also be assisted with the final completion at the moment that the notarial deed of the total project is signed.


J.P. Project management

Taking good construction supervision into your hands saves a lot of time, costs and unpleasant surprises.

In this way, you as a client can look carefree from the sidelines as your intended project takes shape and the moment is approaching that you can move into it.

If you want to build a house in the Alicante – Costa Blanca region, please contact Janssens Partner Project Management for a no-obligation advice about your project.

This renowned Dutch-speaking real estate company has been established in Spain for years and specializes in real estate along the entire Costa Blanca. J.P. Project Management offers construction supervision from A to Z from new construction to renovation.

The family business has a team of highly skilled professionals and is committed to providing quality service to its customers.

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