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Welcome to Janssens Partner House Watchers.

Starting from the need to offer our clients an additional service, such as taking care of their homes, we have created Janssens Partner House Watchers.

We want to take a step forward and not only dedicate ourselves to the sale, but also to accompany you further by offering maintenance, care and surveillance services with personnel focused exclusively on this new project, especially designed for our Janssens Partner Real Estate clients.

With this project we want you to entrust us your home and stop worrying about any kind of maintenance, such as detection of breakdowns, flaws, leaks, or any other revision.


We have a very large team of workers in the construction, gardening, plumbing, cleaning, organization, cooks, drivers, transporters, translators, babysitters, among others.

Entrust us the keys to your house and it will be like you have never gone on a trip.

You will find an impeccable home when you return from your vacation:

Clean and organized, warm in winter and cool in summer. We can even do the shopping for you if you wish, so when you arrive, you can prepare a good cup of coffee and not have to rush to the supermarket.

The garden and pool will be prepared for your enjoyment. Spend your precious time just resting and leave the rest to us.

It is a pleasure to count on you in our new project. If you want additional information, do not hesitate to write to us at: or call us at +34 965 494 684

Janssens Partner Team


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